This page represents the results of the discussions and suggestions in the forum and from e-mails, collected in 2003

1st Suggestion

27 April 2003

dear Uli,

Gaby and I were discussing a possible reunion already and we have the following suggestion:

A weekend at the Badersee (lake). It is situated close to Grainau below the Zugspitze (Germany's highest mountain). Very idyllic and besides the hotel there are no other buildings. The village of Grainau is about 15min footwalk away. Several cultural activities in the vicinity are available, even a casino for Eddie in Garmisch.

Greetings Alex

2nd Suggestion

02 May 2003

Hello Uli,

now I'm also "in"

My proposal concerning a reunion in 2004 would rather be either Bremen or Phoenix as our "roots" are there.

Greetings Jo

12 June 2003

Hi Uli

The Forum is a good idea, even though I do have some problems there. Poker is easier! Hope, the reunion will take place.


Comments from personal conversations

03 June 2003: Met Peter at pool in Cairo:

Peter is in favour of reunion, but prefers a meeting somewhere in Germany. Fears little attendance though as (unfortunately) the class more or less drifted apart with little relationship between members.


10 June 2003: Met Andreas at breakfast in LA:

Andreas favours Alex proposal, is willing to come, provided meeting is in Germany

3rd suggestion

(after an e-mail reminder to all)
20 June 2003

Hi Ulli!

Even though I'm not a "Nordlicht" (Northern light = class-internal nickname for our 2 members from Hamburg), in fact the only true "Wessi" (people born in the former Fed. Rep. Germany as opposed to those born in the former German Dem. Republic) in our class, nevertheless I still have to answer several questions.....
You already have my e-mail adress, and I would like to participate in a reunion, provided it takes place outside the fall holidays! I would consider Bremen or the area around FRA as the only possible meeting places. Anyting else would probably be very hard to realize. Why don't we meet again at Manfred Pick's place. It was nice there, wasn't it? (Manfred Pick is a former Cpt of LH and a personal friend of Uli. He is involved in a Hotel at Uli's home-village)

Depending on "where and when" I would either come alone or together with wife and kids.

Thank you for your effort and take care


4th suggestion

30 June 2003

Hello Uli - and the rest of 92nd NFF

I had intended to contact you long ago, but was personally a little stressed (positively). All the short vacations and parties did not seem to end. I could get along well enough without work, but wouldn't know then how to finance all the leisure time.

Now about the homepage. I appreciate your effort, starting a project like this, even though you say, it is relatively simple and doesn't take long to establish. You still have to put in a lot of time. Last week Dieter Niemann (the guy who created the sketches) and his wife Inge visited us and I showed them "our" homepage - they were thrilled. And Didi remembered all the stories I had to tell him in order to give him sufficient ideas for the drawings.

Concerning the reunion - as you already know, I'm in favour of having one. But I think we should avoid going to a time-zone, where we will stand "a step beside ourselves" in the evening. PHX has changed so much, you hardly will recognize anything any more - ask Mike, who visited his son there several times.

Besides, I can well remember our last meeting in BRE. There were several good suggestions, where to organize the next reunion. But these collegues seem to suffer even more from Alzheimer than I do, because nothing has happened up to now! But as far as I know, a proposal has been made in the 92NFF-forum. Maybe there wil be a few more. How about a Yacht-club at the Alster river (Hamburg), Oktoberfest in MUC or surroundings, a canoe-trip on the Lahn river (north of Frankfurt) (almost like the Grand Canyon :-) ) -- please don't shoot the ducks, Günter!

Well, we'll see

Greetings to the entire family


2nd suggestion (follow up)

07 July 2003

Hello Uli,

since there were a couple of mails in the meantime and my proposal was rather short, I would like to add a few thoughts:

Of course I will attend, either alone or with partner. Considering Peter's suggestion I can also agree to the surrounding of Frankfurt, even though I would prefer Bremen. Phoenix would probably be too difficult to realize indeed. Too much hazzle. It's natural that things have changed, who would expect anything different.
I would suggest a late afternoon arrival for the meeting and a late morning departure after breakfeast or possibly later.... that should be sufficient for our reunion and find widespread approval.

Why don't we watch some old super 8 movies or slides. I could contribute quite a few of those, after retrieving them (no cultural part necessary in that case ;-) )

Why don't you start a poll in the forum about the place of the reunion.

See ya Jo

5th "suggestion"

26 July 2003

Well, dear Uli,

Off the sailboat again.
Here in the north we think different as far as time dimensions are concerned -what an airplane covers in one minute takes the yacht an hour. Have a look at the "Flens" advertisements occasionally!
So, don't push us!

About the reunion: I certainly would like to have a beer with you guys and spend a nice evening with you, but I'm not motivated enough to go to PHX for example or undergo other major inconveniences. ..... oh well, I know -Fischköppe!

Cordial greetings from Horst

Opinion expressed on the phone

November 2003 with Vincent:

Does not own a Computer and neither has a private e-mail adress. Is in favour of a reunion, but only in Germany.


05 Dec 2003

Hello, Uli.

Probably I'm the last one to contact you, but I'd like to say the webpage is super. It is fun looking into it.
A reunion would be cool - even in hot Phoenix. I'm open for any location, provided it is not Frankfurt.
I would consider it important that it offers opportunities to get aquainted again. What about our wifes?
Well, see you,


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