92. NFF

92nd NFF, as seen by Dieter Niemann

Of course insiders know, what 92. NFF stands for. It's the abbreviation of "92. NachwuchsFlugzeugFührer Lehrgang" and that could be translated as "92nd student pilot class". Lufthansa has been numbering it's classes from the beginning, consequently there were 92 classes between the 1950s and the end of 1974. Meanwhile about 300 more classes were started.

Nevertheless class 92 is special!

Why? -No, not because all of us (who finished the class) eventually became a captain, -and no, it's not the relatively low divorce rate either (compared to other classes).
We are one of the few classes which produced a real world-champion by early training. Who could have suspected to talk to a future star on 28 October 1974, when we all met for the first time in Bremen. We would have been awe-stricken and certainly asked for his autograph. Rumour says he's the second German national ever to have reached this honour in that special discipline.

You don't believe this? - well, check it out under "Champ" and see for yourself, if you find one of our names on the winnerlist of 2001!

Besides this world champion we also have a German Champion among us.

What else there is to say about class 92 and what our members have to say about themselves, you'll find further down on this page and on the "Old Times" page.

Have fun reading and looking at the pictures!

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We in 1974 Well, that's...
or better: was us ....
then, about 30 years ago in "Leuchtenburg" castle.

link to the "big picture"
... and that's how some of us looked at a reunion in 1989
We in 1989
... do we have to give credit to our wifes that our age doesn't show?
Here is a picture together with them in front of the new flight academy building in Bremen.
The 4th person from the right is Dieter Niemann, the creator of the beautiful sketches.
with spouses
Am Badersee ..... finally an up to date picture, taken in October 2004 during our reunion at the Badersee.

The Members

Thomas Birringer

Tom's sketch He still plays the guitar. So if you ever happen to see a captain with a guitar box instead of a flight kit, that's certainly Tom!
... always and everywhere was playing guitar

Joachim Hamann

Jo's sketch That happended in the very beginning of our flight training in Goodyear. Meanwhile Jo is flying the A 340 and knows the position of many towers throughout the world.
"Tower ... what is your position???"

Vincent Holst

Vincent's sketch Are Vincent's favourite colours still blue and yellow?
Or has Jutta converted him to the new corporate Lufthansa design of corrugated steel?
We will see!

...or had he shifted his preferences already on the first day of his groundcourse to black and yellow (Condor colours), when he first met his Jutta, who used to fly for Condor at that time?
Our "Mr. Lufthansa"

Wolfgang Kruse

  Unfortunately we do not have a sketch of Wolfgang (Bimbo) Kruse. He decided to leave us about halfway through the term and rather distracted Brasilian stewardesses, who were studying in Seeheim (a Lufthansa training facility south of Frankfurt, where he worked at reception after he left us and before he went to university). His influence was so strong that -when asked for a "Frankfurter Allgemeine" by a passenger- they did not know, if that was a red wine or a newspaper.
When Dieter Nieman, a friend of Peter Rosag was drawing the sketches, Wolfgang had already left the class.

Michael Lochner

Mike's sketch Meanwhile he's as much into bees and honey as into beer and white sausages. Mike + Elisabeth
...does not give up white sausage and beer, even in the aircraft.

Ulrich Nees

Uli's sketch Not quite true! There's been one girl only the entire time! Uli + Dagmar
...demonstrates his affection for American girls.

Alex Nesselhauf

Alex's sketch Could that have been the reason why he was never available at the phone, when a certain stewardess "Nancy" of American Airlines called and asked for him? Alex + Gaby
... did not see very much of America, as his nose always was under the Buick hood.

Peter Rosag

Pete's sketch In spite of the fact that Peter has a pond in his garden nowadays, his interest has shifted to model-planes. He has passed his passion on to his son, who is a very successful model-builder and -pilot. Anybody surprised? Piet + Jutta
...managed to launch his model ship even in Arizona's desert.

Guenter Rutke

Guenter's sketch Not the full truth either. The poor duck did not lough, instead Guenter's party had a hard time not tipping the canoes from laughter, when he almost shot and sank the decoys of other hunters (He already had taken aim).
...kill consisted only of those ducks, which laughed their heads off about him.

Eduard Scharf

Eddie's sketch What did Deer Valley Tower say? "I don't care, whatever you do, just clear the runway!"
Nowadays commands of a provincial tower just make him smile ... as long as they don't keep him out of Las Vegas.
...would have preferred somewhat longer runways in America.

Horst Schultze

Horst's sketch As a native coastliner he naturally preferred the plastic hull of a Nordic Folkeboat or an H-boat, especially since he made German Champion in these two types of sailboats!
Meanwhile he favours a somewhat more comfortable yacht.
...rear end could not adapt as well to a saddle as to an aircraft seat.

Andreas Wunderlich

Andy's sketch .... and we do not even mention the Buick engine, which caused Alex so much trouble .... Andy
...supported America's economy, by increasing the turnover of the Goddyear tire company.

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