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This is, where it all began on 27 October 1974. Even though the official start date for class 92 was on Monday October 28, most of us arrived at our "student-home" on Sunday.

From here we commuted to the airport Bremen every weekday morning for the next 5 months to attend theoretical training at Lufthansa Flight academy.


Many hours of intensive studies followed here. Old timers and younger teachers tried (sometimes in vain) to introduce us to the secrets of aerodynamics, hydraulic parts and the art of building an aircraft. In depth knowledge of the "rules of the air", holding-, traffic- and weather patterns appeared at the blackboards (and disappeared in inaccessible and unknown areas of our minds).

Communication and navigation were two more of many topics to fill our time.

And of course we practiced. The picture on the right shows Horst, Guenter and Vincent preparing the launch of our exercise plane from a window at Leuchtenburg castle. (The plane survived)

But deep in our hearts we were looking forward to the "real thing". And finally, after having passed several tests, we first set foot on American ground by the end of March 1975 (or was it the beginning of April?).


The barracks at Goodyear airport were our new living quarters

And from the top landing of the fire escape we could see "our" aircraft, before we were allowed to fly them.


Besides lying at the pool, flying (and a bit of studying) there were many ways to spend the time. Especially weekends provided plenty opportunities to expand our horizon.

By exploring Arizona we learned to love the country...
Phoenix Starting from Phoenix....
Oak creek canyon ....we visited among others

...Oak Creek Canyon....
....Flagstaff.... Flagstaff
.... and Monument Valley Monument valley
White Mountains We fished (dipped the worms) and swam in the lakes of the White Mountains....
Grand Canyon ....slept in campgrounds close to the Grand Canyon....

....and made it as far as Lake Powell
tire burst boat trip

...and after we knew enough about the country we also learned to love the people

There were several occasions to get to know them:

Lorie's party Lorie's party
a party at Lorie's place...
Lorie's party Lorie's party

....or Thanksgiving with Gail's family Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

Los Angeles Los Angeles
we made trips to the beaches of... ...the Pacific with the goils
"Neill-wing" Wolfgang+Louise
we had parties with our flight instructors and spent time with our friends in the "Bar"

And then we had to experience "American culture"! Let's just look at 2 examples for all the new things that threatened to overwhelm us. Things like Hot dogs, Mc Donalds, Der Wienerschnitzel or Pizza Hut, T-bone Steaks a la Pinnacle Peak or Subs, all unknown at that time in Europe. We went to football games at Cortez Highschool homecomings and ASU and watched baseball on TV.

1976 Bicentennial Parade in Disneyland.... Disneyland
Xmas decoration ....and Christmas American style
2 Santas 2 Santas +

But eventually we had learned all there was to learn in Phoenix, as far as flying an aircraft was concerned, had passed our tests and it was time to go back to Germany.

We said goodbye to the goils... ...the Barons and the beautiful Arizona sunsets
Goodbye PHX PHX goodbye
Baron sunset at Indian school rd

in exchange for Bremen Bremen
passed ....where we -after 5 more months of intensive studies- managed to pass the remaining tests and receive our licenses
...before they let us fly the last aircraft type on the flight school, the Beech King Air King Air

That was the end of flightschool for class 92. This phase was followed by a two-months waiting time (already then), before we could start our typerating for the Boeing 727 and were officially welcomed in Frankfurt on 28 December 1976.
This typerating consisted of a systemtraining, performd at oldfashioned microfilm-machines. Next came simulatortraining in Frankfurt (LH) or Hamburg (Condor) and finally another trip to the US to Rosswell / New Mexico for Flighttraining. Each of us had to perform at least 50 landings on the actual aircraft (simulators were by far not so sophisticated at that time), fly with the hydraulik system switched off and land once with the cockpit window open.
We survived that phase as well despite a weekend trip to Phoenix in a Cessna during unfavourite weather and after our return to Germany we finally were cut loose to fly real people.
Four of us (Günter, Uli, Peter and Tom) spend the nex years taking tourists on Condor aircraft to the Mediterranian and the Canary islands, the rest of us was occupied with more serious work flying Lufthansa clients all over Europe.

But that, - and everything which followed afterwards was not class 92 related any more.

stay tuned! Add-ons possible depending on more material to come

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