92. Nff

(92nd Student Pilot Class)

Reunion ?????

of course Reunion!!! due to the 30th anniversary of the start of class 92.

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Class at Baron

The reunion will take place on the weekend from Fr, 15. to Su, 17 Oct 2004 in the Hotel am Badersee close to Germany's highest mountain "Zugspitze".

Hotel am Badersee
We have 10 rooms reserved with double-beds and lakeview (provided we make up our minds before March 1st). ....and the really tough ones can even jump from there right into 10C warm, chrystal-clear Badersee for scuba diving.
The arrangement includes 2 nights, breakfast buffet, Guest tax, a festive dinner and a trip to the top of the Zugspitze and costs 156,- Euros per person

Considering the meager pensions, we have to expect, there is an alternative offer which consists of the following:
1 night (Sa to Su), festive dinner, no Zugspitze for 141,- Euros per room.
This alternative is only available if we come up with a sufficient number of participants (app. 20).

Now, lets have your definite registrations, attack your keyboards and send mails to: Alex and/or (preferred "and") Uli giving precise data, meaning: if at all, how many and for how long. It would be nice if you could make up your mind and send your decisions before the end of February. We don't want to miss out on that lake view, do we!

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