The Reunion ...

(a report with pictures)

....took place indeed!

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Hotel Announcement

Despite the slow start when registering, despite all the difficulties finding the right place and date and other obstacles, almost all of those who registered came and one more would have come, had he found a "babysitter" for his daughter.
Unfortunately Tom (though registered) got sick shortly before the meeting and so he and Ulrike were kept from attending and Guenter (unregistered) was the one with the "babysitter". Still, six of us and four of our wives came to beautiful Badersee and thus 50% of the class were there.


Transportation was well organized by Alex and our "taxidrivers" Mike and Andreas took Dagmar and Uli as well as Edi safely to Grainau. Peter had arrived by own car and thus Alex could get some sleep after a night flight back from Charlotte.

Am Badersee
Leisure walk

Shortly before sunset on Friday everybody had arrived and we had a few minutes for a short walk around the crystal clear lake and through the adjoining forest with the Zugspitze (Germany's highest mountain) in the background.

Then there was already time for supper and again our drivers were busy taking us to the Eibsee nearby.


Afterwards, for those not too tired, there was the opportunity to go to a pub in the lower level of the hotel for some more drinks and talking.

More or less refreshed (depending on the night activities) we met again for breakfast to discuss the days flightplan.


... a not so easy task, as it had been snowing during the night down to an elevation of 3000 ft (hotel elevation: 2300 ft) and it was still cold, overcast and drizzling. All in all not very favourable conditions for a visit to the mountain top. Therefore after some heavy decisionfinding, we decided to visit Schloss Linderhof (a castle built by king Ludwig II of Bavaria in the 19th century).
Linderhof Brunnen Linderhof Spiegelzimmer
Linderhof "Maurisches Kiosk" Linderhof "Maurisches Kiosk" innen

While we were visiting the castle, the Grotto and Maurisches Kiosk, the weather improved dramatically, causing a quick reaction of our very flexible couriers. Alex used his mobile to have the tickets prepared for the train to the Zugspitze. This proved to be a good decision, as we had sunshine for the rest of the day.

We made it to the rack railway in time, which then took us between snow-covered trees almost to the top of the mountain.


Fahrt Fahrt

A few steps through the new snow .......


....... and on we went with the cable car to the summit

Gondel Gipfel

There we had just sufficient time for a spectacular view an a short coffee break, before we had to return to the valley, because ....

Speisekarte Galaessen
...... the next highlight, a festive dinner was already waiting.

Again there was the opportunity for some more talks in the lower level afterwards.

The next day started rainy and cloudy again, but we didn't care, as we had enjoyed the mountain the previous day already.
Kloster Ettal

We combined the way back home with another cultural highlight by visiting Kloster Ettal (monestary with a spectacular church) for a few minutes.

All in all the reunion has been a tremendous success and we decided to have one every year. Probably not quite so long. Next years destination in October will be Cologne.

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